Excellence in Melting Point Determination

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Optimelt.co.uk is a website of Lambda Photometrics dedicated to the Optimelt and EZ-Melt Automated Melting Point Apparatus.

MPA100 Optimelt

The Optimelt is incredibly easy to use and automatically determines the melting point of any substance over the range of room temperature to 400 deg C.

The system automatically records a movie of the melt which you can play back to double check the point where the melt occurs

The system then automatically generates a report listing all the parameters of the melt including date, chemical name and batch number, start/stop points, ramp rate etc. It will also provide onset point, single point and clear points for each melt.

OptiMelt is specifically designed for unattended operation. It has a built-in digital camera that continuously captures real-time images of the samples, and it uses digital image processing to determine results.


Solid samples Meniscus point Clear point
solid samples at start of melt meniscus point clear point